PRODUCT: Modern Bathroom Vanities with Top

Modern Bathroom Vanities with Top - SUNRISE

Modern Bathroom Vanities with Top


Modern Bathroom Vanities with Top - SUNRISE

Style: Light luxury Material: Lacquer Basin cabinet size: W980*H450*D560mm Design concept: SUNRISE pursues the expressive power of lines and colors. In order to express themselves more powerfully, designers boldly use orange. At the same time, the coordination of arcs can bring a unique sense of beauty and create a unique artistic sense. The combination of slate and metal, coupled with the lines of the wavy trim, makes the product more layered. Features of bathroom cabinets: 1. The overall color matching of the bathroom cabinet is mainly orange, with gold metal embellishment. There is no flashy decoration, and the overall appearance is clean and neat; 2. The exquisite spatial arrangement is orderly. The top is equipped with an extra-long metal shelf, which is more convenient to take and place frequently used items. Main cabinet drawers for large-capacity storage. The dustproof and moisture-proof ones make storage more secure. 3. Soft light strips are designed under the countertop. There is no need to turn on the main light at night, and you can get rid of the dazzling light and improve the quality of sleep;

Product Category: BATHROOMS

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